Dabbing 101: How To Explain Dabbing To Your Mom

Dabbing 101: How To Explain Dabbing To Your Mom



Let me start this week by explaining a little bit about myself.  I’m from Maryland.  I moved to California 3 years ago for access to medical cannabis.  My parents had not been accepting of cannabis as medicine and did not support my use.

Fast forward 18 months to my parents visiting me in California—I explained the science of dabbing to my Mom and her first question to me was, “Can I try?”

This blog is dedicated to the basics of how to get your parents to that point.  In this process, just simply rely on simple talking points to illuminate the features of concentrates while showing that bad actors are simply wrinkles in progress.

It begins with extraction—proper concentrates are produced safely with lab-grade equipment, providing additional living wage jobs for the community.  These facilities are housed in industrial areas, away from homes and schools.  This extraction process removes the plant matter which is the only harmful part of smoking cannabis—leaving the patient or consumer with a substance that is almost entirely cannabinoids and terpenes.  For someone like myself, I find that concentrates balance being able to consume enough cannabinoids with fast absorption and healthy consumption practices.  Before I switched to consuming oil, I was smoking so much flower that I had a constant cough and a distinctive smell.

Consumption of concentrates is a ritualistic process designed to make the most of a small amount, and once it is separated from the torch—to use something like a D-Nail or a vape pen—much of the problematic stigma is gone.  I’m sure everyone has seen or heard dabs called the “crack of marijuana” at least once.  I dislike that as much as anyone—but I’ve only ever heard that reference because of the large butane torches which are often used to heat the dabbing surface.

Once you’ve gained control over the temperature, you can also control your vaporization point, enjoying the most possible flavor and effect from your dabs.  This process allows patients to use very little medicine to the most effective—even as a chronic pain patient my usage remains steady.  This means dabbing compares favorably to smoking, where much of the terpene content is lost to heat, and hot smoke may make consuming enough cannabinoids difficult.

By using an instrument like a D-Nail to highlight the safety and efficacy of consuming concentrates, we can illuminate and eliminate almost every prejudice about dabbing.  Using the proper techniques, this is a safe way to consume cannabinoids from start to finish.

Here’s a simple list of talking points:


-safe process when performed by professionals

-similar process to botanical or food extractions (caffeine, essential oils, soy, etc.)

-provides jobs

-coming under regulation by state authorities (already in CO, WA…; coming to CA, OR..)



-medicine for everything from pain to nausea to stress

-safe way to consume cannabinoids (dabbing is vaporizing only, no combustion means no cancerous chemicals produced)

-best way to quickly raise blood concentration of cannabinoids (fast relief for nausea or pain)


-D-Nail or vape pen gives independence to disabled patients (can be utilized by those with low mobility in fingers)

-enail dabbing provides best flavor and overall effect—terpenes synergize with cannabinoids to provide better experience with less medicine


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