Medicated Soak Review: Sacred – Original Epsom Salt Soak

Medicated Soak Review: Sacred – Original Epsom Salt Soak

Sacred – Original Epsom Salt Soak by @AngelasAshes420

  • 100mg THC (2 doses)

  • Organic ingredients used when available

  • 4 options: Original Epsom Salt Soak, Muscle Relief, Acai Berry , & Alaea Hawaiian 

  • Retail $16.00-$18.00 in California collectives (also available in CO, NV, OR, & WA)


People everywhere are shifting toward more natural ingredients in everything from food to clothing, to household goods and skin care, and we’re seeing more plant-based diets and lifestyles. It’s not surprising then, that cannabis, with all of its natural healing compounds, is showing up in all kinds of everyday products that don’t get you high, like the Original Epsom Salt Soak by Sacred that combines organic cannabis with natural, skin nourishing oils for a ganja-enhanced, spa-like experience in your own home!

I used to love baths, but I stopped making time for them when I entered adulthood. This act of self-care was once a common luxury that I’d forgotten about years ago. So after a long sunset run along the beach that left my muscles tense and tired, I drew a hot bath, added the full contents of the container to the water, and eased myself in. (The manufacturer suggests using the full contents for maximum effect, so that’s what I did. You can always start with half the container or just soak your hands or feet if you aren’t sure how cannabis-infused topicals will affect you.)

The scents of the natural ingredients combined to create a soothing aroma, and as the water cradled my shoulders I could feel my body start to relax with each inhale and let go of physical tension with each exhale. I had a sore lower back and pain in my knees, wrists, and elbows from days of heavy lifting and moving furniture that melted away as I floated in my tub. The oils in the water soothed my dry, irritated skin, which had been subject to much sun, sand, and sweat recently, it being the middle of summer in SoCal.

When I got to the point of peak body relaxation (around 20 minutes in), I started to reflect inward with a very clear mind and a sense of spiritual clarity. I noticed this feeling intensify whenever I submerged myself in the water; I also noticed that I was perspiring when submerged, even when the water cooled. I don’t know if it was the atmosphere I created or the THC I absorbed, but it was pretty amazing, and just writing this makes me want to do it again!

So if you’d like to see what a bath infused with the magic herb is like, check out for a list of collectives and retailers!


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