Awakened Topicals Wins 1st Place At Emerald Cup

Over this past weekend wine country became weed country as the Emerald cup and it's participants moved in to celebrate their craft at the 12th annual Emerald Cup held at the Santa Rosa, CA fairgrounds. Budd Feed  attended to soak up the great vibes, take in the sites, and mingle with other cannabis industry enthusiasts. There was so much to take in at this full weekend event that had anything and everything related to cannabis.

Awakened Topicals took the first place prize for their Body Balm infused with cannabis. Awakened Topicals premium, top quality Body Balm is made with all natural pure ingredients like, extra virgin olive oil, aloe vera oil, candelilla wax, calendula oil, echinacea oil, non-GMO Vitamin E oil, Jojoba oil, St. John's Wort, frankincense & myrrh oil, essential oils of vetiver & lavender. Then a raw infusion of cannabis root and flower is added. The expected shelf life is 2 years and is made through solar fusion technology.

Awakened Topicals also prides themselves on the trilogy of topicals.

1) Whole Plant Medicine.  Nature is the worlds greatest chemist, which is why we have entrusted plants to be our primary source of medicine instead of man made synthetics or animal based ingredients.  We use every part of the plant from the flowers and buds, to leaves and stems and even the roots.  All of our products are 100% plant based and VEGAN, containing zilch animal by-products.

2) Raw.  The power of the sun gives us the most gentle and complete extraction process compared with conventional gas or electric based extraction methods.  This cold press infusion extracts the most medicinal properties from our plants into our carrier oils without the same loss of quality or potency often found in high heat extraction methods.

3) Herbal Synergy.  In nature, plants work in harmony with one another to create what herbalists call "synergy".  Awakened Topicals has once again taken its cues from nature to create a diverse and well rounded herbal topical product that is greater than the sum of its parts.  We strive for a well balanced blend of herbs, flowers, and oils that make our products the most holistically complete health and beauty line in the industry.

Try Awakened Topicals for any aches and pains. The 1st place winner will not disappoint. 

Because we love you!

Budd Feed Cannabis Content

Budd Feed Cannabis Content