Altai Malt Ball Pips

Altai Malt Ball Pips are 10mg of the finest quality cannabis sativa, covered in milk chocolate. Altai is a California company that creates a variety of medicated products. According to the Altai website, 

"Altai only uses high quality cannabinoids and terpenes carefully extracted from the Indica and Sativa strains of the cannabis plant. We honor these ancient original strains out of respect for the plant and a deeply held belief that the beneficial effects of each strain are best expressed by the whole of the plant rather than its scientifically reduced constituent parts.

Sativa is a tall, sometimes scraggly plant typical of the Indo-European regions that typically provides users with a surge of creativity and playful energy.  It is frequently described as “cerebral.”

Users of Sativa describe an uplifting experience that stimulates creativity and is often accompanied by deep focus and concentration. Athletes, artists and individuals seeking to improve their emotional well-being often favor Sativa. Not surprisingly, physicians often will suggest Sativa to assist patients with depression and lethargy.

By contrast, Indica is a short, bushy plant typical of the Asian sub-equatorial regions that provides users with a deep sense of physical comfort, frequently described as a “body high.”

Indica is considered useful in calming anxiety, reducing body pain, and helping users fall asleep. For these reasons, Indica is commonly recommended by physicians to reduce spasms, including seizures and migraines, and resolve high anxiety or intense stress.

Due to a high degree of crossbreeding between Sativa and Indica, cannabis sold as Sativa or Indica is not often pure Sativa or Indica, but rather just a strain that is more dominant one way or the other.

While other brands avoid the terms Sativa or Indica, Altai chooses to use these traditional identifiers to pay homage to the cannabis plant in its original and ancient setting."


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