The Cannabis War of Attrition: One for One with the Feds!

By: California Cannabis Advocates 

With their defeat at the hands of Harborside Health Center last week, the DEA has struck back in the Bay Area. Industry-darling Absolute Extracts and Care By Design were raided in a coordinated effort by Sonoma County law enforcement in concert with the Drug EnforcementAgency. At least six properties were raided, including: businesses at Circadian Way and Standish Avenue, a commercial nursery on Occidental Rd, and residences in Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park.

Santa Rosa Police Lt. Michael Lazzarini released that “several” people had been arrested on drug possession charges during the search. Our inside source revealed that “undocumented workers” were also detained at one location. Could this have been part of the County’s beef? 

Detectives suspect the entire operation was being run outside of the law and city codes. “They’ve done nothing official that we could find that makes any of it legitimate,” said Lazzarini. Despite Care By Design’s protests that they have been “pursing” a Santa Rosa permit under new rules, and that they “produce medicine” with the “best practices of any company in the state”—we have reason to believe a large amount of cash and cannabis, both oil and leaf, was seized during the operation. Lazzarini described the Lab at Circadian Way as massive and “professional” looking, which our inside sources confirmed was accurate, though there were immediately apparent code violations. City code enforcement officers and fire marshal are already on the scene investigating.

We will have more as this story develops.

Additional reporting by Sonoma Press-Democrat county-agencies- coordinate-raids


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